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Journals Administrative Handbook: Law School Support

Shared Responsibility

The journals are published by the University of New Mexico.

Journal content is the responsibility of the students; all other matters, including strategic planning, are the responsibility of the University.

Law School Support

Faculty Advisor

Faculty advisors serve as the Law School administration’s representatives to NMLR and NRJ and it is their function to serve as liaisons between the editorial boards and the administration. The advisor works with and provides guidance to the board on academic questions as well as article solicitation and selection. They should be made aware of problems and setbacks. Copying the advisor on emails is standard protocol as they will be able to offer insight into questions or concerns. 

An adjunct faculty member teaches a 2L seminar, providing academic and writing support, assuring rigor and accountability, and assigning credit for work.

Library Director (or designate)

Because the editorial board turns over each year, the Library Director provides the journals with operational continuity and guidance, including:

  • managing print subscriptions and royalty payments,
  • oversight of the operations and events budgets including approving payments and reimbursements,
  • executing signing authority on behalf of the University for publication agreements and contracts,
  • processing author permission requests,
  • creating the TWEN site for the write-on competition,
  • posting completed issues to the institutional repository,
  • maintaining passwords and the historic record of publication agreements,
  • assisting with maintenance of the Journal Suite.

Students cannot sign contracts on behalf of UNM; the Library Director or designate must be included in all publication agreements and contracts.

Current designate: Prof. Alexandra Siek,

Administrative Support

Creative Commons License

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