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Journals Administrative Handbook: Home

Journal Bylaws

Details about board membership, roles, and selection are in each journal's bylaws.

  • NMLR Bylaws
    • Introduction
    • Organization
    • Academic Credit and Disciplinary Procedures
    • Online Presence
    • Editorial Duties and Responsibilities
    • Citation Formatting
    • Amendment Procedure
  • NRJ Bylaws
    • Name
    • Purpose
    • Membership
    • Editorial Board
    • Advisors
    • Amendments

What's in this Guide

Contents of the Journals Administrative Handbook:


Much of this guide tracks the processes followed by the UNM Law journals, New Mexico Law Review and the Natural Resources Journal. The Tribal Law Journal has historically followed many different processes and some of the information in this handbook does not pertain to them.

Remember: More Resources can be found on the UNMSOL Intranet.

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