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Journals Administrative Handbook: Write-On Competition

Competition Overview

The write-on competition opens one week after finals end and closes in mid-June. Rising 2Ls have up to two weeks to complete their application.

Editors from the two journals work together to create a new application packet. The Library Director (or designate) archives the previous year’s documents and sets up the editors as TWEN account administrators. As administrators, they are able to upload the assignment and how-to files as PDFs, manage the anonymous applications and submissions; field Q&A; track and distribute assignments; and track user applicants’ numbers, emails, and journal preferences. Current designate: Prof. Alexandra Siek (

Those who administer the write-on may not also serve as readers because they know who is applying. Once ALL grading is complete, administrators release only the names of those who are chosen as journal staff. 

Transfer Students: Transfer students are eligible to participate in the write-on competition, even if they accept an offer to matriculate after the write-on process has begun. To be considered, they must inform the admissions office within three days of accepting an offer to matriculate. A write-on packet and anonymous ID will be mailed to them and they will have exactly two weeks from the date they receive the packet to complete their submission. Their submission will be evaluated according to the same process as is used for current students. A letter outlining this process for perspective transfer applicants is on both Journals' websites.

TWEN Assistance

For assistance with TWEN, see the TWEN Resource Page or directly contact the school’s Westlaw representative. 

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