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Journals Administrative Handbook: Journals Suite

Your Suite

The journals suite, located on the lower floor of the Library, is intended as a center for legal scholarship where journals students meet, work, and study. 

There is dedicated work space for each of the three journals as well as single person desks, conference tables, and a lounge area. 

Trash and Cleaning Up

UNM housekeeping services empty trash bins Monday through Friday and vacuum regularly.

Beyond that, students must take personal responsibility for cleaning up after themselves and straightening the suite. Don’t leave important papers lying around and don’t leave food out.

To report food or drink spills, notify the circulation desk or use the Maintenance Request Form.

Suite Amenities

24/7 Access

Journals students have 24/7 access to the suite. All library users are required to follow after-hours procedures to remain in the library after it closes; students in the suite are not exempt and must exit and re-enter with their classmates.

The suite should never be locked. If it is locked, please let the Library front desk know immediately.


There is a dedicated computer for each journal in the suite. Log on using your law school username and password.

Each summer, the EICs work with IT (contact info on home page of this libguide) so that the new board and staff are given access to the networked files and the graduating students’ access is removed.


The suite has a printer/copier/scanner that is for journals-related work only. Instructions on its use are posted on the bulletin board above the copier.

To copy, log in with the specific journal’s code number.

To print, log in with the last four digits of your banner ID and the first two letters of your last name.  For example, the code for Katie Sims, ID 1000221234 would be 1234SI.  You may also print from a USB.  The default setting is duplex (two sided).

To scan to your journal’s network drive, pick the “ABC” tab and choose the appropriate title.  Scanning to email is also available but large files can cause errors in this process and some organizations have limitations on file size and attachments. 

For issues with the copier, contact IT at 277-3403 or

Copier/printer paper: each Journal gets an allowance of 1 box of paper or 10 reams for free from the Copy Center.  Journals staff should contact the Copy Center directly for assistance, and let the Copy Center know which Journal is requesting the information so they can keep track. 


Lockers for journal staff are available in the suite. Contact the Journals Liaison by email to be assigned a locker and obtain a key authorization card. You will need to provide your UNM ID # and full name including initials.  After the key authorization card is complete, take it to the UNM Lock Shop (1839 Lomas Blvd. NE) to pick up your key. The key must be returned to the Lock Shop by graduation or that department will charge a lost key fine.

Recent Print Issues

Print issues from the past three years are available in the suite and the entire physical collection is located on the Library’s upper floor. Additionally, all articles are digitally archived by volume and issue in the UNM Digital Repository.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.