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Community Legal Assistance: LGBTQ+

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The below texts are NOT in our holdings, but can be found at UNM University Libraries:

New Mexico Human Rights Act

By enacting the New Mexico Human Rights Act (NMHRA), NMSA 1978, § 28-1-1 to -13 (1969, as amended through 2007), the Legislature has made the policy decision to prohibit public accommodations from discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation."  Elane Photography, LLC v. Willock, 2013-NMSC-040, 309 P.3d 53, 58

In Elane Photography, LLC v. Willock, the New Mexico Supreme Court held that a photography company could not discriminate against same sex couples and must provide them service, regardless of their personal religious views.

NMSA 1978 § 28-1-7

Current with emergency legislation through chapter 137 of the 1st Regular Session, 53rd Legislature.  Who/What does The Act Protect?

  • Race
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Color
  • National origin
  • Ancestry
  • Sex
  • Physical or mental handicap
  • Serious medical condition
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity

If you need more information, or feel you've been discriminated against please contact the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions.

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