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Course Websites (TWEN/Classroom/LEARN)

The Law School’s subscriptions to Westlaw and Lexis include access to those products’ Course Management Systems: Westlaw TWEN and Lexis Classroom. UNM Learn is available to all UNM faculty.


All faculty and students have access to Westlaw's TWEN and Lexis Classroom via the database passwords they already use. Students who have taken ELA have used at least one of the two systems and many faculty are already familiar with them. Request access or report password problems to Law Library Password Questions.

Get support for UNM Learn at Get Started with Learn. Access additional Training and support from UNM IT Academic Technologies to make the most of the UNM Learn platform..

Uses of TWEN and Classroom

  • Share course materials. Post, access, and manage the syllabus, handouts, Powerpoints, and multimedia resources.
  • Communication. Use announcements, appointment scheduling, discussion forums, live chat sessions (text only), assignment submissions, and grading. All of this can be pushed to you and students through email, reminders, and notifications.
  • Create, administer and grade quizzes/surveys.
  • Both platforms lack live streaming capability.


Westlaw TWEN
Lexis Classroom

UNM Law Faculty Support Team


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