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Adjunct Faculty Handbook: Faculty Support

Book Orders

Textbook selections must be submitted to Faculty Support Supervisor, Chryl Burbank at or 277-0609.

Media Services

Academic Technology Services is responsible for equipment setups (projectors, computers, and class taping).  

If you need to use these items, p[lease use the online request form located here:

Media setup requests require one (1) business day advanced notice.  If you have questions about classroom technology or our multimedia capabilities in general, please contact Media Services at or 277-6204.

Cancellation of Classes

If you must cancel a class meeting, please inform the Registrar, Ernest Tafoya, or 277-2059.  The registrar will notify students.  If you are unable to reach the registrar, you may contact the Front Desk at 277-2146 or the faculty support supervisor at 277-0609.

Cancelled classes must be rescheduled.  The Law School Media Center may be able to videotape make-up classes if you must schedule them at a time when not all student are able to attend.

If you need a one-time scheduling change, arrange a room for a make-up class or review, or change rooms for a class session, the receptionist in the Front Office at 277-2146 will assist you with reserving a room.  

For permanent scheduling changes for a course or for a permanent room changes, contact the Law School Registrar at or 277-3649.

Course Support

Please contact the Faculty Support Supervisor, Cheryl Burbank at or 277-0609, if you have any questions of need assistance.

Student Services

As an adjunct faculty member, you are an integral part of our learning community.  Should you notice any student issues or have any concerns regarding the wellbeing of one of your students, such as attendance issue or missed deadlines, please feel free to discuss them directly with the student.  Please contact Bonnie Stepleton, our Director of Student and Career Services, at or 277-1188, if you have concerns about student wellness.

Additionally, all of our students have access to service provided by Student Health and Counseling (SHAC).  A SHAC counselor can be reached at or 277-3136.  After hours or on weekends, a crisis counselor is available by calling 277-3136 (select option#3).

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