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Adjunct Faculty Handbook: Academic Regulations & Syllabus Requirements at UNM

Syllabus Requirements

The course syllabus serves as a description and plan for a course and may contain elements required by college or department. The sample syllabus presented through the link at the bottom of this box provides guidance for the minimum requirements for review by the UNM Faculty Senate curriculum committees. As suggested, include all listed components in your preferred template/format.

Attendance Policy

All ABA-accredited law schools are required to abide by the Standards for Approval of Law Schools of the American Bar Association, including the rule that, "A law school shall require regular class attendance." Consistent with these directives, the UNM School of Law faculty believes that regular attendance supports academic success and engagement in the classroom that is essential for effective learning, as well as the development of good professional habits.

For more information about the attendance policy, please see the UNM School of Law Adjunct Handbook.  



The grades awarded in all courses are indicative of the quality of work done. In general terms:

A = Excellent; B = Good; C = Satisfactory; D = Barely Passing; F = Failed.

The University of New Mexico utilizes a fractionated standard letter grading system.

A complete breakdown of Grades, Grading Practices, Grading Options and Exception, along with information about Auditing Law Courses, Incomplete Grades, Incomplete Course Work and Submission of Grades is available in the UNM School of Law Adjunct Handbook.


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