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Adjunct Faculty Handbook: Instructional Procedures

Having password issues?

For help with database password issues, please email Law Library Password Questions at  

For other e-Resource support, please enter your request into the Faculty Request Database or email the Library Reference Desk.

Course Information

You should have submitted a short course description and specified any restrictions on student enrollment and pre- or co-requisites. Should you have any questions, the Law School Registrar’s Office at or 277-2059, will be able to assist you with procedural matters regarding course proposals, descriptions, numbering, and registration.

Course information, dates of classes and room assignments can be found on the law school website,, on the Academics page under Course Schedules:

Legislative Days

Please see the law school’s academic calendar for the first and last days of classes and the dates of the exam period:

In order to compensate for any missed class days due to scheduled holidays/breaks, the Law School calendar provides for legislative days (make-up days) at the end of the semester. Please check the legislative calendar in preparing your syllabus.

During the last week of classes, your class may not be offered at all or may be offered on different days within the legislative week. See the following link for more information regarding legislative days:

Contacting Students

The best way to contact students is by email. To access class lists and send emails to your class:

1. Log in to Banner at with your NetID and password

2. Select “Faculty Life” tab near the top

3. Click the red button in the center of the page to “Enter LoboWeb”

4. Under “Class Section Functions,” click on “Exportable Class List”

5. Enter your NetID and password again

6. Click the link to “Class Lists”

7. Click the link to the desired class section

8. Click the link to “Email to Class (under 120 students)”.

An Outlook email to the class section is automatically generated. Please keep in mind that this may vary based on how you are setup in the UNM system. For questions about how you are setup, please contact Ramona Garcia at or 277-8649.

If you have problems accessing your class list or emailing your class, please contact the Faculty Support Supervisor, Cheryl Burbank at or 277-0609.

Law students are also assigned mailboxes. These are located in Bratton Hall across from rooms 2405 & 2406 and are in alphabetical order by class year (first, second, and third). In case of an emergency, the Registrar’s office has student class schedules and can assist you in locating a particular student. Contact or 277-2059.

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