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Racial Justice Resources at UNM School of Law and Beyond: Home

What's in this Guide

This guide is intended to provide support resources and a starting point in research on racial justice issues through the UNM Law Library.  It includes both primary and secondary materials, in both print and electronic formats.  If you have any questions, please contact the Law Library’s  reference desk at (505) 277-0935 or at

  • Tab 1: Support and advocacy resources at University of New Mexico
  • Tab 2: Racial justice books and student organizations for UNM School of Law students
  • Tab 3: Current awareness tools on the issue of racial justice
  • Tab 4: Ways to get involved and organizations which support racial justice initiatives

Accessing Resources in this Guide:

This research guide contains links to a wide variety of information sources, some of which can be accessed by all researchers, free of charge. However, access rights will vary. Please see the icon located after each resource description for more information.

If you are unable to access a resource due to these limitations, ask your local library about access options.


What do we mean by "Racial Justice" and related terms?

The phrase "racial justice" may be adequately defined as the proactive reinforcement of policies, practices, attitudes and action that produce equitable power, access, opportunities, treatment, impacts and outcomes for all. (Source: Race Forward Race Reporting Guide) In the context of this library guide, racial justice also refers to the purpose and efforts of the organizations, writers, and advocates in promoting the above goals. 

Some other terms used throughout this guide are:

"Anti-racism" -- the work of actively opposing racism by advocating for changes in political, economic, and social life. 

"Discrimination"-- the treatment of an individual or group based on their actual or perceived membership in a social category.

"Equity" -- fairness and justice which focuses on outcomes that are most appropriate for a given group, and which recognizes different challenges, needs, and histories.

"People of Color" -- collective term for referring to non-white racial groups, frequently preferred over the term "minorities."

The above definitions are based on those provided by the Race Forward 2015 Race Reporting Guide

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