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Racial Justice Resources at UNM School of Law and Beyond: Racial Justice Resources for UNM Law Students

UNM School of Law Resources

The below materials and student organizations are specifically available to UNM School of Law students interested in learning more about racial justice matters or who may seek to participate in racial justice advocacy. 

UNM School of Law also has a Race and the Law course with an accompanying library guide, linked at the bottom of this box. 

Materials and Student Organizations advocating for racial justice at UNM School of Law

The above titles are only a few of those available on the topic of race and the law in the UNM School of Law Library. For more resources, try searching our catalog or contact your reference librarians at

The above listed student organizations have chapters at UNM School of Law, and the links go directly to the organization's information on the UNM School of Law website, unless otherwise specified. Please direct any inquiries about these organizations to the appropriate student leaders. 

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