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Racial Justice Resources at UNM School of Law and Beyond: Support Resources at UNM

UNM Organizations and Events Supporting Racial Justice

UNM Institute for the Study of "Race" and Social Justice

  • Established in January 2009 to promote the establishment of empirical, theoretical and methodological clarity about race, calling from multidisciplinary and diverse traditions to promote clarity and build on insight in the university. 
  • Provides best practices and consulting to researchers, community members, policy-makers, and more.
  • Nurtures the research agendas of UNM faculty to interrupt racial disparities and promote equity and social justice.

Ethnic/Cultural Student Organizations at UNM

  • UNM has over 30 chartered student organizations which identify as ethnic or cultural organizations.
  • Example include the Black Student Union, Chicanx Studies Student Collective, and the Diversity Organization.

UNM's LoboRespect Advocacy Center

  • Provide policies, definitions and resources on hate/bias crime.
  • Center for support, education, and training at UNM as well as places for individuals and victim advocates to report incidents

Incident Reporting and Other Support

If you have been the victim of a hate or bias-related crime, you are not alone and UNM provides multiple support resources. In an active emergency, dial 911. If you feel unsafe on campus and would like a UNMPD officer escort, dial (505) 277-2241. 

The below links are support mechanisms through which the UNM community may report incidents or receive confidential crisis intervention. 


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