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Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation and the Law Research Guide: Sources of Info on Gender and Sexuality Law


There are many primary and secondary sources available to you while researching the topic of gender and sexuality law at UNM School of Law. Below, we've listed a number of resources to help get you started in your research. On the next tab, labeled "Research Guidance," we've listed methods and examples to help you find more targeted information within many of the resources highlighted below.

If you are having trouble locating or using any resources in this guide, please contact the Law Library Reference Desk


Researching at UNM

Types of Resources on Gender and Sexuality Law

As a UNMSOL student you are already aware that you have access to Lexis and Westlaw, but there are numerous other databases available either through UNMSOL or through the University Libraries system which are essential for you to conduct more well-rounded research. Below are a few examples.

For more on searching these various databases, continue to the "Research Guidance" tab at the top of this guide. 


Although your status as a UNMSOL student grants you access to a number of high quality databases for your research, there are some sources of information freely available to the public which can also be helpful to you as you conduct research in gender and sexuality law. The below resources are generally well respected and can give you important context and background on the topics and subtopics involved with the intersections of gender, sexuality and the law. 

Books are useful for getting an overview of your topic and learning about the terminology used to describe your topic. While journal articles will have the latest research and developments, they are often focused on a very narrow aspect of a topic. Once you have the "big picture" you can then find journal articles looking at a specific topic.

For more information on search strategies for searching for books in the WorldCat catalog, click the tab, "Research Guidance," in the main menu bar, above. 

The below books are available at the UNM School of Law Library. Please note that this is only a small representation of the books available on these topics. If you would like to browse the catalog or shelves for these items, books on similar subjects are located in close proximity to one another based on call number. In the online catalog, you can click on the link to any of these books and scroll down to "Browse the Shelf" to view similar books. In the stacks at the library, you can look for these books and then look at those next to them on the same shelve(s).

Law journals with specific coverage on sexual orientation and gender identity can be found in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library. Some titles available include:

  • Law & Sexuality: A Review of Lesbian and Gay Legal Issues 
  • The Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law 
  • Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy 
  • American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law

For information of how to thoroughly search for law review and law journal articles, continue to the "Research Guidance" tab at the top of this guide. 

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