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Federal and Tribal Legislation: Federal Law and Documents

This guide was prepared to support the research efforts of students in the UNMSOL Federal and Tribal Legislation Course

Federal Constitution, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Resources

U.S. Constitution

Federal Register

Code of Federal Regulations

Westlaw, Lexis Advance, and/or Bloomberg Law contain the annotated U.S. Constitution; as well as current and some historical Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations content.

Federal Case Law

Westlaw, Lexis and/or Bloomberg provide access to federal case law that can be researched using provider-specific tools such as headnotes and West American Digest system topic and key numbers, in addition to keyword and boolean searching.



Federal Documents

Federal Documents

Federal Statutes

Federal Statutes & Code

Warning: unannotated!

Warning: unannotated!

Search United States Code Annotated on Westlaw.

Search United States Code Service on Lexis Advance.

Links to Lexis Nexis and Westlaw for Law Schools

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