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Legal Ethics Research Guide: Ethics Opinions

Researching Legal Ethics


Purpose of Ethics Opinions:  Proactive Approach to help Resolve Ethical Dilemmas

Committee/Opinion responds to inquiries regarding application of professional rules to proposed actions; of general interest to all practitioners

New Mexico Ethics Opinions

◦Comprised of & serves members of the State Bar.
◦Responds to specific requests for interpretation of New Mexico's Rules of Professional Conduct as applied to the inquiring lawyer’s duties.
◦Can be involved in submitting proposed Revisions to New Mexico Rules of Professional Conduct.
◦Reviews each ABA formal ethics opinion.

ABA Ethics Opinions

  • Persuasive authority.
  • Opinions meant to address a wide audience.
  • Advisory and not binding on any court.
  • ABA Informal opinions in contrast are specific to a unique factual situation.
  • Show how ABA interprets Model Rules.

Other Sources

In Westlaw go to Secondary Resources then to filter Topics and choose Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

In Lexis go to Practice Area or Industry and choose Legal Ethics.

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