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Journals Source, Cite, and Write-On Guide: 1L Recruitment

This guide is to assist prospective and current members of UNMSOL Journal staff with their source-and-cite and Write On assignments.

The Importance of Recruitment

Recruitment of 1Ls to the Journals starts during new student orientation and continues through the write-on competition.

These efforts are particularly important at UNMSOL due to the high proportion of our students who are the first in their family to attend law school and so are likely not fully aware of the academic benefits and professional prestige that accompany membership on a journal.

Recruitment Events

New Student Orientation: Orientation is held the week before school begins in August. Incoming boards participate in the student organization tabling event to introduce 1Ls to the journals.

Student Organization Visits: Throughout Fall semester board members visit student organization meetings to publicize the journals. These visits must include the law school’s affinity groups.

General Information Session: The general information session is usually held jointly by the three journals. Incoming (2L) boards present information about their journal, the TWEN site for the write-on competition is demonstrated, and students can immediately sign up on TWEN. Food is usually provided to attendees of this session.

Write-On and Bluebook Session: Typically, at this second write-on information session, the current (3L) board reviews the application packet and procedures and a library faculty member provides an introduction to the Bluebook. To schedule a librarian for this event, email Food is usually provided to attendees of this session.

Heighten Visibility & Share the News

Share the news of new boards, new staff, new issues, and event invitations with the entire Law School community via web newsletter (MailChimp).

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