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Researching at UNM

What's in this Guide

This guide provides an overview of health law research sources available at the UNM Law Library and elsewhere.  Health Law concerns itself with promoting access to and the quality of health care, organizing the delivery of health care, monitoring and controlling costs of health care, and protecting the rights of those receiving health care. This area of law intersects with many others, such as: medical malpractice, bioethics, medical device law, health care policy and reform, medicare/medicaid, and public health. This research guide provides starting points for health law research. Research into more specialized health law topics will require additional specialized resources.

If you have any questions, please contact the Law Library’s reference desk at (505) 277-0935 or email at

Accessing Resources in this Guide:

This research guide contains links to a wide variety of information sources, some of which can be accessed by all researchers, free of charge. However, access rights will vary. Please see the icon located after each resource description for more information.

If you are unable to access a resource due to these limitations, ask your local library about access options.

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