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Election Law Research Guide: Voter Resources


Researching at UNM

Important Information for Voters

Whether you plan to vote in New Mexico or elsewhere, you should be aware of a number of things that can impact where you vote, how you vote, and who is responsible for facilitating your right to vote. The links below provide resources that may be helpful for these issues.

Who's Who?

Secretary of State (State)

  • position varies across states
  • state executive office, sometimes called secretary of the commonwealth
  • usually keeps records, registers businesses
  • often serves as the chief election official in his/her state
  • administers elections and maintains official results

County Clerk

  • Local official with variety of duties
  • Verifies voting rights
  • Keeps records on Board of County Commissioners proceedings and votes

U.S. Secretary of State (Federal)

  • Different from state secretary 
  • Charged with handling matters of U.S. foreign policy

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