Student Remote Access to UNMSOL Library: Managing Stress and Mental Health

Managing Stress and Mental Health During Uncertain Times

Please make sure to take time to acknowledge the increased stresses that we are all under, and take time to take care of your mental wellness.  From concerns about mid-semester changes to the health and welfare of ourselves and those we care about, compounded with all of the imposed societal and institutional policy changes, we are all dealing with a significant increase in stressors.

During this time of self-quarantining and self-distancing, remember that we can still practice our self-care regimes and reach out to our individual support systems via phone and other forms of social networking.  

Please take care of yourselves, particularly if you have to take care of others. 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has  pulled together some tips and resources for us all to use:

National Jurist Special Edition

National Jurist magazine has put together a guide to help law students navigate changes brought on by the Corona Virus crisis.
The special edition includes stories on:

  • A Guide to Self-Care for Law Students
  • How to Excel in an Online Course
  • How to Stay Healthy, Positive & Productive During COVID-19
  • Five Truths about Online Education

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