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New Mexico Legislative History Quick Guide: Legislative History - Post 1996

This LibGuide details how to find New Mexico legislative history documents using various free, subscription, and print resources located at the UNM Law Library.

NM Legis

NM Legis provides easy access to New Mexico legislative documents created in 1996 and onward. If you have the bill/resolution/memorial number, year, and house you can easily select it from the main page's "Find Legislature by Number" section. Details on finding document numbers are outlined in the "Pre 1996" section of this guide. Otherwise, you can utilize NM Legis' search function to find legislative records based on keyword.

When searching by keyword, users can select the time frame and document type to narrow or expand their search results. Below is a sample of a keyword search for insurance. The results page will list the bill ID, the name of the bill's sponsor, the current location of the bill in the legislative process, and the session in which it was introduced.

Once the appropriate document has been located, users can access the introduced and final versions of that document. In addition this, users can also locate committee reports about the bill and amended versions of the bill by clicking on the "Committee Reports & Amendments" tab. Users can also locate Fiscal Impact Reports under the "Analysis" tab.


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