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New Mexico Legislative History Quick Guide: Legislative History - Getting Started

This LibGuide details how to find New Mexico legislative history documents using various free, subscription, and print resources located at the UNM Law Library.

Getting started with New Mexico legislative history

When researching New Mexico statutory legislative history, the first step is to locate the history line of the statute you're interested in researching (pictured below). There, you will find a list of dates that the statute was amended. The earliest date listed is the enactment date of the statutory section.



If you are researching a complete legislative history, you will have to repeat the steps detailed in this guide for every amendment date and section number.

If the enactment/amendment dates listed are prior to 1996, much of the research you will be doing will have to be done in print at the UNM School of Law Library. Please plan to visit the library in person.
If the enactment/amendment dates listed are after 1996, you can find legislative history through the New Mexico Legislature's website. This website is accessible to the public through any internet connection and does not require a trip to the library.

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