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Probate, POAs, Wills & Estate Planning Legal Research Guide: Print Resources

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Books available at UNM Law Library by topic

With the exception of Life Planning in New Mexico by Meri Rudd, the materials listed here are older and should be used as a starting point in your research and with the knowledge that the laws and procedures referenced therein are older and may likely need updating.

  • Austin Wakeman Scott et al., Scott and Ascher on Trusts (5th ed.)

    Law Upper Floor Treatises, KF 730 S36 2006

  • Denis Clifford, Make Your Own Living Trust (8th ed.)

    Law Pro Se, KF 734 Z9C57 2007 

  • Thomas Shaffer, The Planning and Drafting of Wills and Trusts (4th ed.) This 4th ed. is an older edition; the 5th ed. is current and located in the Law Upper Floor Treatise location under the same general call number.

            Law Lower Floor, KF 755 S55

  • Lucy Marsh, Drafting Wills and Trusts (2nd ed.) * This resource is useful mostly as a supplemental text to classroom instruction as opposed to a drafting resource.

            Law Lower Floor, KF 755 M37 2009

  • Michael L.M. Jordan, Drafting Wills and Trusts Agreements (3rd ed.)

            Law Lower Floor, KF 755 A65 W55 1995.

  • Uniform Laws Annotated: Estate, Probate and Related Laws, volumes 8 – 8C

    Law Ref., KF165.A5; also on Westlaw. 

  • Lawrence H. Averill Jr., Uniform Probate Code in a Nutshell (5th ed.)

    Law Lower Floor, KF 765 Z95A94 2001; also available electronically via West Study aids.

  • American Law Institute, Restatement of the Law Second. Trusts 2d

    Law Ref., KF 730 A82; also on Lexis, Westlaw.

  • American Law Institute, Restatement of the Law Third. Trusts

    Law Ref., KF 730 A825;  also on Lexis, Westlaw.

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