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Environmental & Natural Resources Law: For Students: Academic Legal Writing

Books in the Law Library Collection: Legal Composition

Scholarly Writing for Law Students

How to write scholarly papers for seminars, law reviews and law-review competitions, including a chapter on choosing a topic and developing a thesis.

Academic Legal Writing

An engaging text that provides practical advice from selecting a topic to negotiating editorial changes, also addresses ethical concerns.

Selecting an Environmental or Natural Resources Law Topic: Issues to Consider

Is This Topic Appropriate for a Paper?

  • Time Period
  • Length
  • Depth

How Complex Are the Sub-Issues?

Be Careful of Overly Technical Topics

  • Terminology
  • Processes

Consider Areas Outside of "Environmental Law" or "Natural Resources Law"

  • Administrative Law
  • Water Law
  • Oil & Gas Law
  • Property Law
  • Geology
  • Biology
  • And many other areas of overlap

Selecting an Environmental or Natural Resources Law Topic: Use Current Awareness Tools

Use the Subscription Resources listed in this research guide

Search the Legal Scholarship Network in SSRN for recent scholarship related to your topic of interest

Search Legal News for Breaking Topics

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