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Environmental & Natural Resources Law: Legal Treatises at UNM Law Library

Where to Begin: Legal Treatises

When researching an unfamiliar area of law, it is best to start your research with a secondary source such as a specialized legal treatise. In additional to introducing the researcher to the terminology and legal concepts of a specific area of law, secondary sources save the researcher time by pointing out and discussing the important cases, statutes and regulations that shape and govern that area of law.

Best search phrases to use in the UNM Law Library Catalog:

  • Natural resources law
  • Environmental law
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Natural resources

Specialized topics can be searched, such as:

  • Water Law
  • Oil and Gas Law

You can combine any of these phrases with "law and legislation" to further refine your results.

Multiple useful treatises are highlighted in this guide to speed your research.

Books in the Law Library Collection: Natural Resources Law

Books in the Law Library Collection: Environmental Law

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