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Finding Court Documents: NMSCt

A guide to the supreme courts of the US and NM and how the law library can help you interact with them

New Mexico Supreme Court

Westlaw and Lexis:

  • Both of these services may provide access to certain filings in NMSCt and appellate cases. Simply navigate to the case you're looking for and then click the filings tab in Westlaw or briefs tab in LexisNexis.

New Mexico Supreme Court:

  • The NMSCt provides access to oral arguments and certiorari tables on their website. For other filings and documents, you may need to contact the court directly or submit an IPRA request through their website. Additionally, all NMSCt opinions can be found on the New Mexico Compilation Commission website. 

NM One Source:

  • Officially published versions of NM Statutes Annotated, historical NMSA, annotated NM Court Rules, a library of NM court forms, and decisions form the NM Supreme Court and NM Court of Appeals. Also includes NM Attorney General opinions and advisory letters, and NM session laws.

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