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New Student Library Orientation: Study Spaces

This guide is designed to help new students through the first few weeks at UNMSOL by introducing them to the Law Library's resources, services, and policies.

See Something? Say Something!

For food or drink spills, equipment malfunctions, or anything else that doesn’t seem right, please either notify the Circulation Desk or use the Maintenance Request Form.

Quiet and Collaborative Zones

The Library has designated collaborative and quiet zones so that users can choose the space that best meets their needs and study preferences.

Quiet Zone, Upper Floor

  • Meant to provide an area for quiet study
  • Conversation is extremely limited and in a low speaking voice
  • Cell phones on silent or vibrate and no cell phone conversations
  • Use earphones with electronics
  • Quiet when entering and exiting

Collaborative Zone, Lower Floor

  • Flexible configurations of furniture allows and encourages collaborative engagement
  • Tutors’ carrels provide space to confer with their students
  • Conversations should be limited to law school-related work

Study Carrels

The Library has approximately 90 study carrels that are assigned to UNM Law Students. Due to high demand, the Library assigns carrels in accordance with the following policies:

  • Course tutors are each assigned a carrel in the Collaborative Zone on the lower floor during the first week of classes. These carrels provide tutors a space to meet with their students in the Library’s collaborative noise zone.
  • Research assistants and library employees (regardless of year) are assigned carrels the first week of classes and forward.
  • Third year students are assigned carrels the second week of classes and forward.
  • First year, second year, and MSL students are assigned carrels the third week of classes and forward.

Students must fill out a Carrel Request Form and turn it in to the Circulation Desk at the appropriate time.

Library materials may not be left in assigned carrels unless the material is checked out to the student assigned to that carrel.

The Library provides eye bolts in the carrels to be used along with security cables and locks to deter theft but otherwise discourages students from leaving personal belongings in their carrels.

After Hours Access

Students who have completed after hours safety training may access the Library 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To schedule a makeup training session, contact Robert Thomas, 272-1485. 

The complete After Hours Access policies can be accessed through the Intranet under the "Law Library" heading.

Study Rooms

There are four study rooms on the Library's lower floor.

  • Reservations are made and room keys are checked out at the Circulation Desk
  • Reservations are limited to two hours per day, per group, and are accepted one day in advance
  • Use of the room may be extended at the end of the two-hour period if another group has not reserved the room
  • Reservations are held until ten minutes past the scheduled start time
  • Library materials used in the study rooms must be re-shelved
  • The rooms are locked during business hours to ensure they are used exclusively by the law school community and so that personal items can be secure when the user steps away. The doors are unlocked after hours, when access to the Library is limited to UNM law students.

Law Library Website

Additional information about the Law Library is available on the UNM Law Library website.

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